Range Snap
                             by Jaci Archery
Range Snap...
Don't chance it,
Snap it and be sure!
Range Snap uses
The perfect solution to carrying your range finder for quick and easy ranging capabilities. The Range Snap is a must whether you are at the range or putting the stalk on that trophy animal when an exact yardage needs to be determined in a split second. The Range Snap brings your range finder within inches of your eye. Very little movement is required to use your range finder at that critical moment. So quick and easy to use, it's a "Snap".
Easy as 1,2,3!

 1. SNAP IT                             2. RANGE IT                         3. SHOOT IT


There are many uses of the "Range Snap".  It is up to you to decide which
item, or items to "Snap".  Below are just a few examples for the uses of
the "
Range Snap".

          Picture #1                                       Picture #2                  
        Items from left to right are as follows;                                     Items from left to right are as follows;
              Arrow puller, two-way radio, compass, gps,                           Shot placement cards, video camera, flashlight,
              range finder, and camera.                                                       gps, smoke in a bottle, and deer grunt tube. 



Also included is a secure strap.  The purpose of the secure strap is to
wrap around the range finder or other accessory and secure it to your
binocular strap or backpack strap.  This keeps your range finder from
flopping or swinging around through vigorous movement or running. 
It will stay tight against your chest while secure strap is in place.


Use the secure strap when needed.  When you plan on using your range
finder you can slide the secure strap down and keep it hooked on your
strap so you don't loose it.  The range finder will be easier to operate
with the secure strap unhooked from your range finder.  If secure strap
is hooked and your need to use your range finder then it will still operate fine,
just not quite as quick or smooth. 
I prefer to hook my "Range Snap" up around the front of my shoulder to towards the top.  This brings your range finder within inches of your eye and minimal movement is required.  For your two-way radio, I personally prefer to
"Snap" it just behind my shoulder.  This will bring your two-way radio within inches of your face so you can use it quickly with minimal movement.  Put in an earpiece and it is quiet as well as crystal clear the first time instead of saying "come-back" everytime with everyone and every animal hearing you!