Range Snap...
Don't chance it,
Snap it and be sure!
Range Snap
                        by Jaci Archery
JACI Archery Products
"Range Snap" Instructions

I would like to have your photo of you and your animal taken with your Range Snap so I can post them in my photo album.  Please email them to me.  Thank you.

There are many uses for the "RANGE SNAP", it is up to you to decide which items to "SNAP"
Below are just a few examples of what you can use this item for.


Easy to use S.R.S. system. Snap it, Range it, Shoot it!

*Use included split ring to put through range finder or other accessory.
*If split ring will not fit; use the supplied wire tie first.
*Use split ring to go through wire tie.
*Put the split ring through the loop end of the Range Snap female portion, and then snap to its body.
*Snap the completed Range Snap to your binocular strap or backpack strap about mid shoulder
  height for easiest ranging.  For two-way radios, place snap just behind front shoulder for best

*Also included in this package is a secure strap to wrap around your accessory, then
  around your strap to keep item from flopping through vigorous movement or stalking.

                     SECURE STRAP                                                    SNAP TO THE FRONT OF
                                                                                                        YOUR SHOULDER


How to determine which side of your body to snap your Range Snap to...

*If you are right handed, snap to your right side.
*If you are left handed, snap to your right side.

*If you are right handed, snap to your left side.
*If you are left handed, snap to your right side.  

The "Range Snap" should be used to help ensure precision, as well as the likelihood of humane and accurate shots.

Whether you are shooting your rifle or bow, this system is for you!  The "Range Snap" was designed for archery, but it is also a very effective tool for the rifle shooter.  If you are at the range practicing, or in the field and need to get a quick and exact yardage at that trophy animal with minimal movement of your body, then the Range Snap is perfect for you.

*Jaci Archery is not responsible for lost items due missuse or defects.  It is up to the user to verify item iventory at all times.  End user assumes all responsiblity. 

Thank you for purchasing this product from JACI Archery Products.


Or email at; christian@jaciarchery.com


                                       Package front view           Package back view