Range Snap...
Don't chance it,
Snap it and be sure!
Range Snap
                      by Jaci Archery
F.A.Q 's

     Here are some helpful tips from some frequently asked  
     questions that may help.

What is the reason for a Range Snap?
A- The design is so that it brings your range finder within inches of your eye so you will always 
     have quick and easy access to your range finder with minimal movement when needed at that
     split second. 

     Most people may not even realize just how much a Range Snap will help them.  
     One gentleman a friend and I recently spoke to did not even realize he had a problem until he
     began to explain to us that he was usually not able to get to his Range Finder in time or without
     the animal busting him because of the extra movement and noise.  

Why can't I just use my supplied cord with my range finder for field carry?
A- I suppose you can, but the problem I have always ran into is your range finder will flop around
    and bang on your binoculars and anything else it comes in contact with.

What is wrong with just carrying my range finder in my pocket?
A- The problem is, in that split second when you have to get a range for an accurate and confident
     shot, there will probably be too much movement and animal will have spooked by the time you
     are able to retrieve it from you pocket, with the extra movement and noise.

Q- Won't the Range Snap still flop around and make noise like it would with the standard range 
    finder strap?
A- Not with the supplied secure strap.  The secure strap goes around your range finder and strap,
    to secure it to your body while the strap is in place.  It will stop the flopping  that normally is
    caused while running or in a bent over stalking position.

Q- Why did you design the Range Snap?
A- I designed this system because when I was hunting and I needed my range finder in a hurry I was
     never able reach it in time or undetected.  I would try to carry it around my neck, but it would 
     flop and hit my binoculars.  I would keep it around my neck and try to put it my front pocket,
     but still couldn't get to it easily.  I would try to keep it my front pocket or side pocket, but then
     again I had too much trouble and movement.  The only way that has worked flawlessly for me
     was to bring it  up on my shoulder within inches of my eye    

What is the recommended position on my torso?
A- I recommend attaching the "Range Snap"  very high on your shoulder.  From the front of your
    shoulder to the top for the clip placement.  This brings your range finder's eyepiece about to your
    mid jaw for minimal hand movement.

Q- I will still have to move my hand from my chest to my eye to use the range finder, how do I avoid
A- To help camouflage any movements hold your bow in front of your body and face just before you 
     are ready to draw, then tilt your head slowly towards your range finder.  Slowly slide your
     hand up your chest to your range finder and then you only have to move your hand just a couple
     of inches to your face.  From that point, keep your eye on the target and bring the eyepiece to
     your eye.  This will bring your range finder into view of your target without having to search
     for it.  From that point, range your target, slowly set it back down to your chest and your draw
     hand is right there to draw.  Since your bow is in front of you in the ready position, you can
     set your range finder back down and then draw in a fluid motion that you would have to do
     anyway, with or without your range finder.

Q- I am a pretty good judge of yardage, is it really necessary to use a range finder to hunt?
A- It is not absolutely necessary; people have been hunting for years before range finders, although 
    I do strongly recommend using one while hunting.  The range finder will increase your confidence  
    of your yardage and assist you in having a well-placed shot, instead of guessing the
    wrong yardage and wounding that trophy animal.  Why chance it when you don't have to?  I feel 
    accurate yardage counts, it is more sportsman like and will lead to more recovered animals when 
    you use a range finder
Don't chance it, "SNAP" it and be sure!

What is the difference between your product and other range finder clips?   
A- There is only one product on the market that I currently know about.  It uses a retractable
     system that hooks to your belt loop and then to your range finder.  There are three problems with
     this method: 
1. You have to move your hand approximately three feet from your waist to your eye, 
          then back down, and then you still have to raise your arm to grab your bowstring.

      2. Your range finder will flop and bang around, especially while running.

      3. The retractable system is noisy while you are pulling it out and retracting it, which is    
           not good in any hunting situation.

If you have any further questions, our email address is: christian@jaciarchery.com